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From death, new life

The abbot learned that it’s best to make certain that no disagreement goes unresolved. A lack of forgiveness or inability to be forgiven can be among the most crippling of experiences.

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Church Abuse Cases Spark New Classes for Conception Abbey

The abbey says three precautions are now in place to guard against future abuse. Two of the precautions have already been implemented. The first is preliminary screenings for potential seminarians.

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Miracle baby is proof that good conquers evil

I learned a couple of things in the aftermath of that June morning in 2002 when an old man with a rifle opened fire in the hallways of Conception Abbey. The first was that dawn always follows darkest night; that even the most senseless of tragedies and deepest of pain will give way to unexpected blessings. The other thing I learned was how to manage national media coverage in the aftermath of a bizarre, headline-grabbing tragedy.

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