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Some more hypocrisy and Catholic-bashing

A confession. I don’t like American football very much, and I’m not enormously fond of Episcopalian theology either. But most of all, I hate hypocrisy and Catholic-bashing. So let’s take a trip to Pennsylvania, via Kansas. Bede Parry is a former Benedictine monk who has a history of abusing young men. When this was discovered he was ejected from his abbey and then refused by another monastery in Las Vegas. Rejected by the Roman Catholic Church, in 2004 he became an Episcopalian priest, even after informing the then bishop of Nevada, Katharine Jefferts Schori, that he had sexually transgressed just a few years earlier. She was also told by his former monastery about his sordid past and given highly damaging psychological records. Surprise, surprise. In July this year he resigned from his post and is currently facing criminal charges.

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Statement from Katharine Jefferts Schori

In a statement (below) dated November 16, 2011, Episcopal Church Presiding Bishop Katharine Jefferts Schori, proves herself to be a talented wordsmith and an insensitive, deceptive leader. This statement raises more questions and several new concerns.

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Statement of Rev. Bede Parry

During the camp, I had inappropriate sexual contact in my living quarters with… a member of the Abbey Boy Choir. – Bede Parry, May, 2011

I have since recognized that I may have acted inappropriately with at least one other member of the Abbey Boy Choir. – Bede Parry, May, 2011

Everything that I have done in my life has been with me, and haunting me, every day. I dream about it. I think about it. Not a day passes when I do not regret my conduct. I am truly sorry. – Bede Parry, May, 2011
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Bede Parry… on Telling Jerome Hanus (Video)

“are there any legal issues, are the police involved?” and I said “no” and he said, “well, you know, we’re going to have to get some counseling because this just can’t happen again.” – Bede Parry… on Telling Jerome Hanus (May 7, 2011)

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Fr. Hugh Tasch: 60 Years Professed

Robert Tasch was born July 21, 1930 in Chicago. When the time came for high school he had thoughts of the priesthood and enrolled in Quigley Preparatory Seminary of the Chicago diocese. During his seminary days he developed a strong interest in and love of the liturgy.

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