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Fr. Hugh Tasch: 60 Years Professed

Robert Tasch was born July 21, 1930 in Chicago. When the time came for high school he had thoughts of the priesthood and enrolled in Quigley Preparatory Seminary of the Chicago diocese. During his seminary days he developed a strong interest in and love of the liturgy.

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Regarding Hugh Tasch

Fr. Hugh Tasch

According to separate sources, Fr. Hugh Tasch allegedly engaged in unwelcomed sexual contact with young men at Conception Abbey.

Tasch, a self-proclaimed “mystic”, reportedly believed that initiates into his mystical circle could prove their obedience and love to God by their openness to his own sexual advances.


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Tip of the Iceberg

We have received tips and allegations of misconduct against several members of the Conception Abbey community including:

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Noble Simplicity

At age 70, beard white as snow, Father Hugh Tasch looks the part of the venerable old monk. But something has put the sparkle of a fresh-faced novice in his eyes.

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