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Lawsuit alleges abuse of boys by monk at Conception Abbey

(KC Star) A Missouri man filed a lawsuit today against Conception Abbey in northwest Missouri, alleging a coverup of sexual abuse by a former monk who directed its boys’ choir in the late-1980s. The lawsuit, filed in Nodaway County Circuit Court, claims that Bede Parry, then a Benedictine monk, molested the plaintiff in 1987 during a summer camp at the abbey. At the time, Parry led the Abbey Boy Choir of Conception Abbey.

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Conception, Missouri Abbey Faces Lawsuit

Parry, who was ordained in 1983, was then assigned to Conception Abbey where he was in charge of the choir program. In 1987, when the minor Plaintiff attended a residential choir camp at the Abbey, he was sexually abused by the priest. When the child’s parents brought the assault to the attention of Abbot Hanus, they were told that Father Parry had a “mental breakdown” and he would be treated for the breakdown.

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SNAP Media Advisory

According to the suit, the crimes happened in 1987. The suit maintains that in 2000, “psychological testing revealed that Parry was a sexual abuser who had the proclivity to reoffend with minors.” The test results “were provided to the Abbey, the Las Vegas Catholic Diocese and Nevada’s Episcopal bishop,” according to the suit. Still, he ended up at a local church.

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